Celebrating Wimbledon in style!


This week my gingerbread people are celebrating Wimbledon, finding out some amazing facts about the event and seeing some familiar faces!

Playing tennis in centre court! Did you know? 335 Umpires, Chair and Linesmen are on duty during  ‘The Championships’,  including 70 from overseas.

Gingerbread lady playing tennis

Enjoying some Wimbledon strawberries! Did you know 142,000 portions of English strawberries are eaten over the 13 days!

Sam's Kitchen gingerbread man in strawberries

Being interviewed by Sue Barker in front of the centre court crowd of 11,429.

Gingerbread lady being interviewed

Come on Andy Murray!

Sam French of Sam's Kitchen celebrating wimbledon with a gingerbread lady

Having some fun with the tennis balls. Did you know? 54,250 tennis balls are used during ‘The Championships’ period and are stored at 68 deg F.

Sam's Kitchen cheking the tennis balls

Checking the tennis score. Did you know? There are 46 Scoreboard operators & data collectors.

Checking the score

Having a photo with Andy Murray!

Gingerbread lady having a selfi with a fan!