Spoke alongside Carphone Warehouse Co-founder!


 I was lucky enough to be asked by Young Enterprise to speak alongside Guy Johnson the co-founder of Carphone Warehouse. His speech was fantastic telling us all about how he started Carphone Warehouse and how he grew it into such a huge international organisation. After each of our speeches the school got the students to do an activity. My activity was to get all the students into teams and come up with a food product and company to go with it. They then had to get on stage and pitch their ideas to me and the room. Then the teachers got me to choose the winner. It was really fun and got the whole room talking. I was really interested to talk to Guy and get his advise on my business. All in all it was an amazing day that I will never forget.

Sam French of Sam’s Kitchen arriving at Bethany School
Sam French giving his speech


Listening to Guy Johnson co-founder of Carphone Warehouse
Just trying out one of Carphone Warehouse’s first products!
Sam French trying out one of Carphone Warehouse’s phones!
Sam French and the other speakers

Sam French of Sam’s Kitchen and Guy Johnson of Carphone Warehouse