BBC Radio Sussex asked me to record some inspiring business advice for Allison Fern’s radio show!


SSam French of Sams Kitchen giving business advice on BBC Sussex Radio

The other day I received an email from BBC Radio Sussex asking me whether I would record some inspiring business advice that they could play throughout their #CrawleyTogether day. Of course, I said yes!

I asked them how they had found out about me and my handcrafted lemonades? They said one of the team had tasted my lemonade and really liked it and put my name forward which is really flattering!

Although the day was mainly about jobs they wanted to show that being self-employed and starting your own business was also an alternative.

They asked for a few pieces of advice that they could broadcast so I got my thinking cap on.

I had a thought about what I wanted to say and decided I wanted to inspire young and old to start their own business, also to encourage and motivate them. Being a Sussex drink producer of handcrafted homemade lemonades you get to meet some amazing people and go to some exciting events, so I wanted to get all that I have learnt across to help them.

So I got to work, wrote six scripts and recorded them.

I also cheekily asked if I could have a song request to go with one of my recordings. They kindly said yes and I had It dedicated to my Mum, Dad, brother and everyone who had helped and supported me over the past few years. Which they and I were really pleased about.

The BBC were really happy with the results and played them on Allison Ferns’s radio show a week later. They also put some video versions of my advice on the BBC website.

It was very exciting to hear my business advice on the radio and hope it inspires someone to start their own business!

#CrawleyTogether - Sam French of Sams Kitchen giving business advice on BBC Sussex Radio

Discover more about BBC Radio Sussex and Allison Ferns’s show on their website:

Allison Ferns’s show on BBC Sussex Radio playing Sam French of Sams Kitchen business advice