After meeting at Bolney Wine Estate Olly Smith said he would like to review my Lemonade. I delivered a few bottles. What I didn’t realise is that he was going to take it on BBC Radio 2 with Levi Roots! It was very exciting to hear them discussing my lemonade! They tried it as a mixer which went down really well. Since then many of my customers use my lemonades as mixers in many types of drinks. Olly and Levi gave a really good review with Olly saying it is “Gorgeous quality lemonade” and Levi Roots saying “I like it, its got a home made kind of feel to it. There isn’t a kind of taste that this has been made in a factory or anything like that. It’s got an oldsome feel to it”. So many people have said that they heard about it from the radio which is really fun! I even played a recording of it when I went into the local school to talk to them about running a business for their enterprise week which went down really well! You can see my lemonade in the bottom right hand side of the picture below.

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