How I came up with my lemonade

After winning Young Start up Talent with my company Sam’s Kitchen I became famous for making gingerbread men and woman that wear fashionable clothes, hence my nick name ‘Sam the Gingerbread man’! When I was on holiday I couldn’t find a lemonade that I liked. I thought I could do better so I went home & taught myself how to make some I did like! I started supplying local cafes and Farm shops and shortly after that Olly Smith and Levi Roots reviewed my homemade Sussex lemonade on Radio 2. The rest as they say is history.

Mixed Still Lemonades Case, 12 Bottles

When having stalls at events many of my customers asked me if they could buy a case. I had so many requests that I made it a product and here it is today. You can have any mix of bottles you like.

STILL Homemade Lavender Lemonade Case, 12 Bottles

After the success of my first three drinks the local cafes were asking me if I had any other drinks to go with them, so I set to work. It tastes nothing like it smells and has proven to be my best seller at food fairs. This is also very popular as a mixer particularly with gin. Many of my customers come up to me telling me which drink they mix it with which I really like!

STILL Homemade Traditional Lemonade Case, 12 Bottles

This was the very first lemonade I came up with. I had the idea when I had some lemonade on holiday and thought I could do better. I was looking for something to go with my gingerbread men and women and this felt like a perfect fit. It instantly became a hit, being reviewed on BBC Radio 2 by Olly smith and Levi Roots!

STILL Homemade Rose Lemonade Case, 12 Bottles

This is the third lemonade I came up with when I first started making drinks. It tastes like liquid Turkish delight and it’s popular as a mixer, particularly in gin. It has proved very poplar with many good reviews including Olly Smith, Rick Stein and Ben Miller on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen TV show.

STILL Homemade Lemonade & Lime Case, 12 Bottles

This was the second lemonade I came up with. I tried it out on my neighbours and friends, getting their approval before starting to sell it. It’s a refreshing drink that is now a staple whenever I have a stall at a food and drink festival or fete.

Individual bottles – Available by Click and collect only (Free from Crawley, West Sussex) Find out more here.

New lemonade case

Personalised new lemonade case