Corporate gingerbread men and women.

Individually wrapped corporate gingerbread men and woman that I supply to companies from large to small including Hilton Hotels and Lloyds Bank.

I first started making promotional products and business gifts when British Airways asked me if I would make them some of my gingerbread men with their logo on. At this time I hadn’t even thought of making corporate gingerbread men but of course I said yes. I got to work and made and delivered the men. They were so pleased with my gingerbread that they wrote me a raving review and quickly after that I started receiving orders from many companies. Today I supply companies from large to small including Hilton hotels and Lloyds Bank.

  • They come individually wrapped
  • You can have any message or photo on their t-shirt
  • There is a two week lead time
  • There is a Click and collect option to pick up from Crawley to save on delivery



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